Buffy dating the immortal

24-Jun-2017 12:51

Only, this time, his act of heroism comes with an asterisk called Wolfram and Hart.This law firm, which has been a thorn in Angel’s side throughout the entire series, has now manipulated its way into every aspect of his life.Angel had spent his time at Wolfram and Hart just struggling to not despise himself.Time and time again, he and his team have justified their business at the firm, stating that they are doing more good than bad. Everything this business represents is against everything he fights for.That’s not the point of the mission though, and until he sees Cordelia in “You’re Welcome” [5×12], he’s able to push that notion aside. He spends the next three episodes feeling depressed, and trapped in the decision that he made to take over the company.Still, it is not until the death of Fred that he truly understands that he needs to get out, for good.The entire premise of their relationship is that it is so powerful that it can’t exist without destroying everything they love.Regardless, he would still do anything for her because of those intense and passionate feelings. Then, he died for her (or at least partly for her).

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They mess with each other throughout the episode while they chase down their own pride.

Not only that, but this is just one example of this episode portraying the characters as unable to let go and just move on, which will continue to shine through.

All season long we’ve witnessed continuous growth in the relationship between Spike and Angel, but this episode throws all of that out of the window for some laughs.

Here in “The Girl in Question,” the whole concept of losing the mission is revisited and, in this case, is represented by the combination of chasing former lovers and regressing in personal relationships.

Let’s take a look at Spike and Angel’s relationship first. De Knight and Drew Goddard | Director: David Greenwalt | Aired: 05/05/2004] It is very easy to get excited about an episode like this just by reading the plot synopsis.

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